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Language quiz: does the world look the same in any language?

22 July 2014


The Japanese language has a single word that encompasses both green and blue colors, whilst the Russian language has separate terms for different shades of blue. So does this mean that people who speak Russian and Japanese perceive these colors differently from English speakers? And even more questionably: are we only able to form concepts of things for which we have a name?

Many people argue that language does indeed shape the way we view the world—and that cultures with different ways of naming things will see the world differently. The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, first formulated in the 1930s, famously advances this view...

Take Global Content Quality to the Next Level Through Transcreation


18 July 2014

In today’s world of personalized messaging and highly targeted marketing, addressing your global content needs with translation often isn’t enough. Just as you wouldn’t display the same words for every persona or visitor, you can also target potential customers in other markets by using techniques to offer high-quality, relevant content that is appropriate for people who speak a given language or live in a local market.

Providing localized content is important, and not just when people speak another language, but when they speak the same language in two different countries. For example, notice how the Tesla Motors website changes most of the actual content and images, when you switch from American English to British English...




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