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Terms and Conditions of service

1. General

MEDplus Translation Services offers linguists the opportunity to translate, edit and proofread texts, files and other documents. Additional services offered: interpretation, multilingual desktop publishing, transcription and multilingual customer support.

2. Use of services

Registration in the company’s vendor database is required before working with MEDplus Translation Services. To register, the linguist must fill out the application form or submit a CV via email. Upon registration, the linguist agrees to these General Terms and Conditions.

By accepting assignments, the linguist confirms that all details are complete and truthful. If such information is found to be false, incorrect or out of date, MEDplus Translation Services may block the vendor or discontinue cooperation.

3. Delivery and acceptance of services

MEDplus Translation Services will offer linguists translation jobs. If the linguist accepts a job, he/she is responsible for the quality of the service and for complying with agreed deadlines. MEDplus Translation Services shall review the texts submitted by the linguists for quality assurance purposes. The time allowed for providing a service depends on the individual project. If the linguist fails to meet the deadline, MEDplus Translation Services is entitled to claim damages on the grounds of non-performance. In this case, the linguist is not entitled to payment of any remuneration. MEDplus Translation Services is entitled to exclude the vendor from further use of its services.

4. Confidentiality

Information that the linguist receives from MEDplus Translation Services in connection with a service that has been provided shall be treated as strictly confidential. Documents, texts and information may at no time be passed on without the express consent of MEDplus Translation Services. Any violation of these guidelines shall lead to the linguist being immediately excluded from MEDplus Translation Services database and may even result in legal proceedings.

5. Payment

Remuneration is calculated based on word count of source document, language combination, level of difficulty and field. Upon prior agreement, remuneration may be calculated based on the number of pages or number of hours required for job completion.

Some of our major clients (such as large corporations, organizations and institutions) work with quarterly accounting system and are able to make payments only after their quarterly financial reports; this is why in some cases payment will be effected within 90-120 days from invoice date.

6. Invoicing

Vendors are asked to send their invoice to MEDplus Translation Services along with deliverables. Invoices under € 500 are paid within 30 days from invoice date. Invoices over the amount of € 500 are paid within 60 days or upon project completion. MEDplus Translation Services shall in no case proceed with any partial or advance payment before relevant project is fully closed and cleared for invoicing to MEDplus Translation Services’ direct client.

Payments are made via bank transfer or paypal. Capital controls in force may affect transfer of funds to vendors registered abroad.

7. Final provisions

MEDplus Translation Services functions under the Greek Law. Any dispute between MEDplus Translation Services and a vendor shall be settled before the competent Courts of Athens.

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