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Free Online Medical Terminology Courses and Classes

Learn medical terminology with these free online courses. See the full list of free medical terminology courses and find the course that's right for you.

Online Medical Terminology Courses for Credit

Several educational institutions and companies offer free online medical terminology courses and resources; however, these online resources generally do not award college credits. Students who are seeking an affordable way to brush up on medical terminology while also starting the path to earn college credit can consider the courses on Here, students can take advantage of resources like video lessons, text transcripts and quizzes to help master medical terminology effectively and easily.

The Health 103: Medical Terminology course has many chapters that can help students master medical terminology. Students can find chapters on the following:

Information and Requirements for Free Online Medical Terminology Courses and Classes

While some of the free resources listed below may offer detailed information on medical terminology, others may only provide a list of medical abbreviations or definitions. These courses and resources are self-contained and do not require that learners make any textbook purchases. None of these online medical terminology resources award credit.

List of Free Online Medical Terminology Courses and Classes

Des Moines University
  • Medical Terminology Course consists of 11 modules. Medical terms are provided for areas such as the circulatory system, the urinary system, the male and female reproductive systems, the digestive system and other major physiological systems. After a user learns about the words and diseases associated with each system, she or he can then take a multiple-choice quiz.

University of Minnesota
  • Medical Terminology is a learning resource that is not a typical glossary of medical terms but rather three courses in the form of quizzes with multiple-choice answers. The quizzes are on various body systems, including the skeletal system, the urinary system, the digestive system and the reproductive system. General histology is also covered.

National Cancer Institute
  • Cancer & Medical Terminology teaches individuals the medical terminology used by medical professionals when discussing cancer and other medical conditions. The modules help learners have a better understanding of medical terms by introducing prefixes, suffixes and root words used in medical terms. The modules include pretests, exercises and posttests to help students see what they've learned.

Upstate University Hospital
  • Glossary of Medical Terms offers learners not only definitions of some of the most commonly used medical terms but also many abbreviations used in the medical profession. It also provides a section on metric conversions, which may come in handy when reading charts, prescriptions or dispensing medication. This glossary can also be downloaded as a PDF file.

SweetHaven Publishing Services
  • Medical Terminology is suitable for anyone needing to communicate with medical professionals and it consists of 28 lessons. The lessons are presented in a flashcard format with some offering new information and others requiring memory. This course was based on the Basic Medical Terminology manual of the U.S. Army.

National Library of Medicine

  • Understanding Medical Words: A Tutorial from the National Library of Medicine teaches students the definition of various medical terms and even includes a quiz. Individuals learn abbreviations used by medical professionals, as well as how to decipher root words when discussing body parts. Offered as a Flash movie, this course allows users to learn at their own pace. The MedlinePlus Medical Dictionary is also available to users. The course can be downloaded and taken even without Internet access.

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